TV ads, video ads, company videos and other visual media in today's marketing are worth more than any other form of presentation. Your company will have huge benefits from video production if You want to make yourselves noticed.

Digiporkkana is a digital advertising company operating from Turku, Finland. We specialize in digital media and video production. We produce videos as convenient ready­-to­-use products.

Have You thought of marketing your services through video? -Think no more. Send us your ideas and together we will tailor a video that will touch people and make your story known.


With promotional video You can:
­-Increase the visibility of your company and your brand ­
-Make potential customers take interest in your services, products and your company
­-Convert potential customers into cash flow

Digiporkkana is a nimble digital advertising and video company. We're focused on advertisement videos, company videos, video presentations, video graphics, audio and product videos. We are the professional partner when You want moving pictures to move people. We plan, produce and publish our products through channels that best suits Your needs. Our goal is to bring customers closer to You and help them make a buying decision.

Do You have time for pointless talk or would You rather use your time to make money instead?
Ever heard the saying 'A picture is worth more than a thousand words'?
One minute of high quality video speaks more than 1.8 million words. That's more than ten days of uninterrupted talking.
We help our customers reach measurable results using videos.
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We are the first digital advertising company in Finland to offer interactive videos.

Digiporkkana's interactive videos invite viewers to participate in real time in how the stories will unfold.

Viewers don't just watch interactive videos, they play an active role in deciding how a story will evolve. When viewers are invited to participate in the creative process, they become more than an audience just sitting back in their chairs. They become an engaged audience. Attentive, leaning forward. Eager to decide what's going to happen next.

Today we watch videos on interactive devices: mobile phones, tablets, computers and smart TVs. Why continue making passive linear content when you can offer your audience so much more?

Limitless choices.
Infinite possibilities.
An engaging experience your audience will remember.
What can You do with interactive videos? -That's up to You.
It's a big universe out there. Now go out and make it your own.
Get an offer on interactive videos and benefit.


Interactive video


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