Search engine marketing

With Google AdWords You can make Your company seen in the search engine. Google AdWords works by recognizing certain keywords and displaying ads based on what the user needs and seeks for. The ads can be precisely targeted and shown to users in particular geographic locations and in connection with certain predefined keywords.

Displaying an ad in the search engine costs nothing. It generates cost only when a user takes interest and clicks Your ad to visit Your website. You benefit from the most widely used search engine. Search Advertising is a perfect way of marketing new products and to highlight Your services. We produce Your ad campaign professionally and cost effectively. We can even install a tracking software that gives You information about customer behaviour.

We offer Google Search Advertising, produced by certified top professionals.

YouTube Advertising

Video advertisements on YouTube make people choose You.

You pay only when Your video is viewed in its entirety, for longer than 30 seconds, or if Your video is clicked. In other words You won't be wasting money on people who aren't interested.

The benefits of YouTube Advertising:

­Whatever Your business is, Your customers use YouTube. Your adverts will reach all of them.
­Whether You want to advertise a particular product or service or to showcase Your brand, You will reach the large masses easily.
­Advertisements can be targeted precisely and their impact can be measured. ­
Videos can be shown when searching for certain keywords and/or depending on the user's geographical location, areas of interest, gender and age. ­
Cost effective. You only pay when Your ad is watched in its entirety, for longer than 30 seconds, or if Your ad gets clicked. ­
The price per view is usually between 0,05 € and 0,15 €.


Radio advertising

Digiporkkana produces high­ quality radio ads. In today's media world, radio advertising is one of the most cost­effective ways of advertising. Musical styles and target audiences affect the choice of radio station.

One advantage of a radio advertisement is that it cannot easily be avoided like TV ads with channel hopping. Radio ads support other forms of advertising. Therefore it is important to plan Your campaign with all advertising forms in mind and to advertise on many fronts at once. For instance, the sounds of radio ads can be recycled into video ads. This way the message is strengthened across the different forms of advertising.

A radio ad directs the customer to Your website, thus increasing buying potential.

Regional or national radio advertising?

The geographical area is chosen depending on the product or service. If Your company works locally, then local ad campaigns are for You. If You on the other hand run a web store that sells all across the country, then national advertising is preferred, though national advertising doesn't mean You cannot advertise locally as well. Radio advertising will be with us for a long time. With radio ads, it is possible to react to market changes lightning­ fast. This is because radio ads reach their audience right away.

­Our radio ads contain everything You need: ­
­-Audio planning and production ­
-Speaker voices
­-Appropriate encoding of audio material ­
-Distribution through channels of Your choice

Interested? Contact us for more information.


Display advertising is a modern alternative or complement to Google advertising. An advert in the Display network reaches around 90% of internet users.

Display ads can be shown as pictures, banners or text. We recommend augmenting Your ad by using a picture that increases Your visibility, reachers new customers and leaves them with a positive and strong impression of Your company, Your services and Your products.

The Display campaign is planned according to Your needs, depending if You want to release a new product, maintain Your company image or acquire new customers. Display ads are displayed on websites in the Google Display Network. There are more than a million of these sites to date. Among the most known websites in Finland are YouTube, Gmail, Ilta­Sanomat, and Your ads will be targeted at precisely the most suitable channels, without forgetting the content and target audience of these sites. This way, You can have maximum returns on Your advertising.

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Interactive video


Finnish YouTube viewers are:

Under 40 years
Over 40 years